Not everybody deserves a “Happy Father’s Day”

Like this hump right here.

This awkward family photo was taken prior to Game 7 of the NBA Finals last night, when the same p—- a– b—- dropped a triple-double right in this idiot’s chin-deprived face and provided Cleveland with its first professional sports championship since… Since… I dunno. Since Jesus Christ parted the Red Sea and allowed Jim Brown and open path to the end zone for the Browns to win the NFL title.

Mr. PAB is only the third man ever to record a triple-double in a Game 7 — scoring 27 points, grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing 11 assists —  which means he showed up when it mattered most.

And when does it matter most?

To tell some dingledouche clown that he needs to set a better example for his embarrassed kid than wearing a ridiculous swap meet T-shirt like that. That matters a lot.

Not that I’m a Cavs fan or big on LeBron James. I just know that while it’s OK to debate over which athletes are “winners” or “chokers,” you don’t call a man out on whether he is a man. Not unless you’re ready to fight over it.

Dude, you spent thousands of dollars on tickets to look like a damned fool. But at least your kid has a fresh lid with your IQ on it.

Happy Father’s Day.