No, Beto

So I’ve lived in Texas for about three months now and I can’t claim to be a local.

I don’t own a 10-gallon hat, a gun or a truck. For that matter, I still despise contemporary country music. Hey, Clem, you lose the authority to tell me how all hip-hop sounds the same when every song I hear in a Whataburger is about heartbroken drunken driving in your Ford.

But you, Mister or Ms. or Cis Coastal Democrat, do not know Texas, either. For that matter, you don’t know Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke. You support him both in word, tweet and wallet, but you do not know him or Texas. You know you hate all things Republican and surely want current Sen. Ted Cruz to lose because he came in second to President Trump in the GOP primaries in 2016.

Yep, ousting Cruz — who didn’t even support Trump at the GOP convention — would be quite the plume in the Resistance’s musketeer hat.

Only problem is, Beto O’Rourke is a jerk. A shiny, dashing, well-spoken jerk, but a jerk nevertheless.

Not for what he believes, which appears to be a helping of everything on the progressive menu. (Believe in whatever you want. So be it.) No, he’s a jerk for what he did in 1998. Back then, as a young fellow in the badlands of El Paso, O’Rourke pled guilty to a DUI.

Now, I agree that a garden variety DUI is not the worst thing in the world. Maybe you have that one extra beer. You live less than a mile from the bar. That just so happens to be the night the local police put up a checkpoint. You blow a 0.09. Sucks for you.

Only that’s not what happened in O’Rourke’s case. The dude hit somebody, then according to police reports, tried to flee but was stopped by the driver he hit.

You get a DUI. You spend a night in the drunk tank, you pay the fine and the spiked insurance. You learn a lesson. Virtually all of us can live with that. Maybe you even have multiple DUIs, realize you have a personal flaw and you work tirelessly to stay sober. I root for people like you.

But you hurt somebody and try to run? No, dude. You’re a jerk.

I don’t care how sleazy or over-rehearsed Cruz is. Cruz didn’t stoop to that level.

Now you might say “But James, Beto denied that.” True, he denied running. He denied running away after he started to fall seriously behind in the polls.

Your denials are 30 years too late, Beto. They should have been in court, or when you ran for public office before. They should have been at the start of this campaign. And they should have included the dude you hit. “He was drunk. He made a mistake, but he didn’t run,” should be out of that guy’s mouth.

Instead, it is you, your guitar and skateboard against the police … and the person you plowed into.

What do I know about Texas? It seems to be a decent state. Most of the people are nice. The culture is a little gaudy, but so is Florida, California and New York City. Cruz hasn’t embarrassed the state other than his overgreased hair. In other words, I do not know enough about Cruz or Texas to tell you why he should go.

Other than it is what The Resistance wants.

That’s not good enough.

Not every vote for a conservative is a vote for Trump, no matter how much you want it to be.

And I’m not voting for someone whose first inclination at the sign of trouble is to run like a punk.

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