Every First Lady should wear that jacket

Hyperpartisans never learn one of the most basic axioms of American culture: We like our First Ladies.

We like them a lot, even if we’re not too keen on the husband. Political hacks obsess over polled approval numbers. The wife is always more popular. I’m a conservative. I like Michelle Obama, but more on why I like her in a moment.

Yesterday, because our political discourse hasn’t become ridiculous enough yet, #TheResistance morphed into the fashion police by trying to create a controversy over Melania Trump’s jacket. On the back of this $40 garment were the words “I really don’t care. Do U?”

Now, to our modern-day faux patriots, this is a sin of the highest order. FLOTUS was on her way to Texas to observe a detention facility where immigrant children (call them undocumented or illegal if you wish) were transferred to. Obviously, by her choice of outerwear, Mrs. Trump doesn’t care.


I can think of many different reasons why she absolutely should have worn that garment. Moreover, if this is how we are choosing to utilize the First Amendment, every First Lady should get that jacket when they move into the White House.

Michelle Obama should get to wear it because of the obscene racial slurs.

Barbara Bush should have gotten to wear it for the cheap insults to her appearance.

Laura Bush should wear it for a horrible things said about her daughters.

Even Hillary Clinton should wear it. She heard jokes about how bad she was in bed. Otherwise, why would Bill cheat?

In the last month alone, while Melania Trump was in a hospital bed recovering from surgery, some jerk who draws a paycheck covering politics speculated she was a battered wife. There were conspiracy theories as to Melania not being in the public view. In the last week, a famous actor wished someone would rip her child from her arms and be thrown into a cell full of pedophiles. Another has-been comic tried to revive her career by going after the First Lady.

So yeah, she should wear that jacket as a middle finger to all of those who have allowed their politics to become a pathology. Taken too seriously, politics becomes a sickness that rots the core of your being.

Which is why I like Michelle Obama, by the way. First Ladies tend to be viewed by most reasonable people as above the fray. We see in most of them a secret desire for ourselves — the hope to marry well. By all accounts, Mrs. Obama is a pretty, healthy, happy, bright lady and a responsible parent.

Michelle Obama, if she were single, would be a catch. And we want to marry well because a strong marriage is another thread that stabilizes society.

First Ladies also undertake noble missions during their husband’s terms. You may dislike Obamacare, but consider Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” program. The idea of lowering childhood obesity sounds fine to me. And she wasn’t the only First Lady to look out for kids. You may think George W. Bush is a war criminal, but Laura Bush was popular because she wanted to encourage reading. Nancy Reagan wanted to lower narcotics use. Melania Trump wants to end cyberbullying.

My God, what villains!

As a side note, it occurs to me that perhaps a reason Hillary Clinton has always been looked at with enduring suspicion is because unlike other First Ladies, she did desire political power.

Aside from that anomaly, First Ladies are seen as ladies outside of the most partisan among us. Hyperpartisan Americans are like fingernails on a chalkboard. Even if their thesis is sound, it is overwhelmed by the shrillness.

America appears to accept the thesis that Melania’s husband needs to do something about children at the border.

What American culture has shown it will not accept, time and again, are unfair attacks on women. Hyperpartisans say the current president is vile. As a response, they have attempted to outvile what they see as vile by attacking a lady.

And Melania Trump really doesn’t care.

How ladylike.