Please get a new sheriff in that town

Every so often I think of ethical police officers who are charged to protect and serve a community that doesn’t trust anyone with a badge, especially when that community has a damn good reason not to trust the police.

For years, we have been told to give the police the benefit of the doubt because officers willingly put themselves in harm’s way.

It is almost impossible to measure just how much damage Broward County, Fla., sheriff Steve Israel is doing to American law enforcement by staying on the job, because he tried to cover up something that is arguably even worse than racism or corruption.


Not to make racism less than horrific. Of course, it is. But you can punish racist cops when they are caught, even though it is difficult. A sheriff who roots out racism in his department can be seen as a crusader against corruption.

Now consider the behavior of the #BrowardCowards on Valentine’s Day. We know of at least one deputy on site — and possibly as many as four — who waited until Nikolas Cruz stopped killing and left to get a soda before they entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Israel knew this. He knew this because other police agencies advised him of his deputies’ dereliction of duty.

An honorable person in that position would privately throw a fit, then weep uncontrollably in shame while typing a resignation letter.

As for Israel, he grew up a Republican, but switched to Democrat to run for office in left-wing southern Florida. It’s a decision that smacks of political opportunism. I write that with confidence because political opportunists look for scapegoats, as Israel did when he went after NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch in front of a mob on CNN last week.

Keep in mind: I’m not defending the NRA as much as I am pointing out a coward looking for a scapegoat. I had already scrolled through a blizzard of gun rhetoric. I don’t own a gun. I have no dog in that fight.

In most televised situations, police officers behave in a composed manner. Yet, Israel struck me as a little unhinged by going after Loesch. Berating a woman? On national TV? You don’t even see that on a rerun of “Cops.”

Then he twice argued how these attacks could be stopped. “What I'm asking the law makers to give police all over this country is more power,” he said during the town hall.

That should have received a deafening cacophony of boos, moreso than Loesch. It should have been a message that have been booed from liberals and conservatives alike, for Israel is the wrong messenger.

It should be booed from liberals because more power invariably leads to more corruption. You want more misconduct in law enforcement?

It should be booed from conservatives because this man — this cynical politician hiding behind a badge the way his employees hid in their cars — has undercut one of your core beliefs. One of your core tenets has been to give the police the benefit of the doubt because cops are human beings trying to exhibit superhuman courage.

Only in Broward County, they aren’t.

I’ve mostly stayed out of the gun arguments in the shooting aftermath. Having said that, no gun legislation will matter a whit if the police are too scared to do their jobs. It undercuts the faith we are asked, to place our lives in their hands.

Steve Israel does not deserve that faith.

North Korea’s in-your-face sex slavery

Well, to be clear, it’s only in your face if you are watching the Winter Olympics.
Did you notice that the “unified” Korean Olympic team includes a few dozen “cheerleaders” dancing for the athletes?
Um, despite what the international press is telling you about how nice it is to see these young ladies supporting both sides of a divided peninsula, I’d like to cut to the chase. You’re watching sex slaves.
I take absolutely no pleasure in telling you that. To be honest, I am no social justice warrior, but I am anti-female-abuse and when I think of these poor girls I get nauseous. I get sick at how they have been exploited and furious at a press corps that has empowered the North Korean propaganda machine.
My sources come from research I have done for an upcoming novel. The theme of the novel I am working on is how propaganda conceals atrocities. I know. Light stuff. Included in the research are three history books from the notoriously secretive nation, including propaganda treatise “A Kim Jong Il Production.”
The authors of these books are by no means right-wingers rattling sabers against the North.
The North Koreans became master propagandists during the Kim Jong Il regime. You may have read that North Koreans believe their first family are gods. Kim Jong Il created that, crafting a story of his parents being a Korean Mary and Joseph, and that baby Kim Jong Il created miracles.
Anyway, Kim Jong Il enjoyed the spoils of being a tyrant. One such carnal pleasure is the “Joy Brigade,” a battalion of girls ages 14-22 who are taught to please the North Korean leadership. The girls are taught to dance to American pop music — which is outlawed to the public, give massages and feed their “deities.” After their dance-massage shows are complete, they obediently follow the men behind closed doors and follow orders.
Yeah, 14 year olds.
The best hope for these girls is that one of the ministers falls in love with them. If the girl marries a well-connected Kim lackey, she gets to eat after she turns 22. If not, back to your starving family.
Now the North Korean government is quite conscious of world opinion. Anything it can spin to an advantage, that government will cheerfully accept. So if North Korea is going to send a contingent of dancers to the Olympics, it will send the best.
The North Koreans sent the Joy Brigade, their mostly underage sex slaves.
And if you think the International Olympic Committee will take issue with sex abuse, have you forgotten it has a sordid past of its own?
Wanna throw up yet?
As a side note, Kim Jong Un’s sister — the one the international press is fawning over — is the North Korean minister of propaganda. In other words, she’s the one telling her countrymen scrounging the countryside for insects to eat that her brother is god.
Looked at from that perspective, and I’m not telling you to support President Trump if, I’m pretty happy Vice President Mike Pence disrespected the North Koreans.