I have no way to validate taking UCLA this week

I took a couple of days away from posting to try and figure out what the hell is up with UCLA this season. Not that the a Bruins are a hot mess. No college team can be completely off the rails with a competent quarterback, and Josh Rosen exceeded that as a freshman last year.

I’m still lost. The team, particularly on offense, is either unsettled or coach Jim Mora is pulling off quite the piece of subterfuge on the press in advance of Saturday’s season opener against Texas A&M. Because of that cloud of uncertainty, I’d take the Aggies to win.

To be up front, I want the Bruins to win this game. I don’t like the Aggies. I don’t like fans who think they play a role in their team’s success — such as this 12th Man crap that they run in College Station and with the Seattle Seahawks. I hate to throw some cold water on your tailgate barbecue, Clem: Talented players intelligently coached leads to victories. Alcohol poisoning and acting like a total tool in the stands does not.

Watching football is fun. Thinking you played a role in a team winning is delusion.

Aggies fans are the ones who could have noticed that their quarterback a few years ago was skidding off the rails into an abyss of substance addiction. Instead, they named him “Johnny Football” and created a myth that no skinny ginger kid could possibly fulfill.

Aggies fans are the ones who — just two seasons ago — claimed a dozen football players getting arrested is nothing to see here. Why, we’ll just blame the cop. It’s hilarious that college football is the one sport that will convert a hillbilly in a purple football helmet and a confederate flag into a card-carrying member of Black Lives Matter.

But let’s get back to the topic…

The Bruins, from my limited understanding of their roster, are probably going to lose. While there is no depth chart set in stone, it mostly points to a team devoid of seniors on offense. And while there is experience on defense, there is nobody that had the preseason hype of recent Bruins linebackers Myles Jack or Anthony Barr.

I think Texas A&M will score at least four touchdowns because the spread offense dictates a frenetic tempo.

I don’t know if UCLA’s offensive line can keep preseason all-American defensive lineman Myles Garrett out of the backfield. Garrett could be the No.1 overall pick in next year’s NFL draft. Of course, I also admit I cherish elite defensive linemen. They cause so many problems for an opposing team. The Bruins will have to make a lot of adjustments for that.

If this game were in a postseason bowl, I could see leaning to UCLA. The Bruins would be more defined by then.

That’s not the case here. I’d take A&M.

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