Why yes, I do wonder what you think

Yesterday, one of my band of brothers — I’ll describe them later — let me know they had pre-ordered my debut murder mystery “At the Hour of Our Death” for iBook. The rest has since been downloaded. It’s available today.

When you create something for public consumption — whether it be a book, a gadget or the Halloween Whopper last year from Burger King — there comes that anxious moment at the point of debut. We all want to act like those snotty outsider high school kids who claim they don’t care what you think.

That’s a lie. It debuts today. And I really care.

I care on that “first date/she’s really pretty/don’t fuck it up/watch everything you say” level.

I know comics back in Los Angeles. I like them as friends, but their Facebook feeds were nothing but show promotion. Same for some musicians. It was annoying then. I suppose I wish they still did that. It would break up the shrill political posts.

But now, I wonder if I was spamming your feeds. I actually — no lie — read books as to how often I should tell you I’ve written a book. If you want to know, the ratio is 1-in-5 or 1-in-10. Even the experts can’t decide.

So I avoided “presale” talk, until one of my band told me he saw it and preordered it.

What constitutes the band of brothers? They’re more than acquaintances or friends. To be frank, I wanted to raise the standard of friendship in that doing so might lift the quality of my life in general. If you act like a friend, I will do likewise. It might require more of an investment of my time, but if I can do it, so be it.

The band are my closest confidantes. These men I value because they aren’t just sycophants. They’ll call me on my stupidity. If I have a flat tire, they’ll pick me up. If I get thrown in jail, they’ll laugh their asses off and then try to bail me out. Not that I’ve put the latter to the test.

Ultimately, what my band of brothers do — without saying it to me — is they make me a better person because they know what my standards are and will not let me slip below them. As a consequence, I try to reach for better things.

Like “At the Hour of Our Death.”

So I wonder what they will think. And I surely wonder what you think.

If you download the book, by all means let me know. Put a pic of it on your tablet and pin it on Pinterest, post it on Facebook, tweet it, Instagood it on Instagram, and maybe even see if your MySpace account still works.

Also, it’s not the end of whatever relationship we have if you don’t give it five stars on Goodreads, iBooks or Amazon. If all the reviews of “At the Hour…” are five stars, people aren’t stupid. They’ll assume it’s only friends reading the thing. If you think my book has a flaw, I’ll live with it. Promise. If we’re friends on social media, I added you for a reason and it wasn’t to sell books.

But I admit I do hope you enjoy it.

“At the Hour of Our Death” is available on iBooks, Nook, Amazon and a bunch of other apps for your smartphones and tablets at $5.99. For more information about the book, there are links describing the plot, theme and main players in the book in the upper left corner of the blog.

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